Ye Booke of Comunicacions with ye Angel Dzyon


Leather bound manuscript, 18” x 11½” (medium folio), slightly damaged with some foxing and occasionally irregularly sized pages. No title or author is given on the cover but a frontispiece identifies it as Ye Booke of Comunicacions with ye Angel Dzyon. The manuscript contains text in archaic English and an unknown set of symbols as well as marginal notes in what appears to be Greek.

This book is a loosely organized collection of what can be described, for lack of a better term, as séances between an unnamed medium and an “angelic spirit” identified in the text as Dzyon (or sometimes as Dzyan). The sessions are supposed to transcribe the wisdom of Cehuti, an archangel (?), and are composed of a mixture of divine pre-history, angelic law and magic, confounding cabalistic discussions, and suggestive discussions of how certain humans may be elevated to divinity. The papers that form the text seem to have been collected and organized along specific themes and not chronologically. Some of the portions in the non-English symbols appear to be written contemporaneously with the regular writing but not in the same hand.
The work itself is confused and sometimes self contradictory. While portions of the English text seem to be translations of the two types of ciphers used, other portions are left untranslated. Certain sections, particularly those dealing with incantations, are heavily annotated in Greek.


Ye Booke of Comunicacions with ye Angel Dzyon

Nyarlathotep álarcai peterfy peterfy